Scholarship Form (Fòm Bousdetid)


Background (Istorik):

The KT For Haiti, Be Inspired…Make A Difference Scholarship was created in 2013 by Katie M. Gibson. The scholarship fund was established after Katie M. Gibson traveled with LOVE Takes Root at the end of September 2013, which at this time the LaConcorde Orphanage was being transferred from Port au Prince to Jacmel. The fund was created to help promote young adults of the LaConcorde School in Jacmel, Haiti to achieve a higher education and pursue their dreams.

KT a pou Ayiti, ap enspire … fè te yon bousdetid diferans ki te kreye nan 2013 pa Katie M. Gibson. Te fon nan bous etabli apre Katie M. Gibson vwayaje ak renmen pran rasin nan fen, 2013 septanm ki nan moman sa a òfelina a LaConcorde te ke yo te transfere soti nan Port au Prince Jakmèl. Te fon an te kreye ede ankouraje jèn adilt nan lekòl la LaConcorde nan Jakmèl, Ayiti reyalize yon edikasyon ki pi wo ak pouswiv rèv yo.

Eligibility (Kalifikasyon pou):

  • Must be a Haitian citizen.
  • Must have attended their last year of secondary school at La Concorde.
  • Dwe gen yon sitwayen ayisyen.
  • Fèt pou te nan ane ki sot pase yo nan lekòl segondè nan La Concorde.

By signing (typing your legal name) in the space above, you are certifying that all information is correct and that you are the person completing this application. When you press the submit button, you will receive an email confirmation with the next few days that your application was received. Please keep for your records and retain as verification of your application.

Lè ou siyen (tape non legal ou) nan espas ki la pi wo a, ou se sètifye ke tout enfòmasyon ki kòrèk ak ke ou se moun nan ranpli aplikasyon sa a. Lè ou peze bouton an soumèt, ou va resevwa konfimasyon nan imel ak jou kap vini yo ki te aplikasyon w lan resevwa yo. Tanpri kenbe nan dosye w epi konsève kòm verifikasyon aplikasyon w lan.


Katie Gibson’s 2013 Haiti Mission Trip

Hello my name is Katie Gibson, I am a senior at Sioux Central High School in Sioux Rapids, Iowa. I have been involved with LOVE Takes Root over the past year, and I am continuing the path of helping others through volunteering. LOVE Takes Root orphanage located in Port au Prince was started by Dr. Wilkerson when he traveled to Haiti immediately after the 2010 earthquake. Before LOVE Takes Root started to help this orphanage many of the children had never even seen a tree, this is where the organization received its name. The LOVE Takes Root orphans have not been outside for 3 years, due to the extremely violent and dangerous condition in Port au Prince, this is why the organization is building a new orphanage, school, and playground just outside of Jacmel, Haiti for these children to move to. The orphanage currently has 55 children of various ages, and their plan is to move the children to the new orphanage during September 19-26, 2013.

My involvement with LOVE Take Root is I have sent school supplies, tie-dye t-shirts, and participated in a golf fundraiser for LOVE Takes Root. From September 26th to October 4th my mother and I will be traveling to Jacmel, Haiti with the second group. We will be putting the finishing touches on the housing complexes, laying sidewalk from each sleeping shelter, and helping the orphans adjust to the new life. This will be the first time any of the orphans have used a toilet, shower, and sink, so our job is to give a helping hand to help ease the adjustment.

So I am asking YOU to help me achieve this endeavor. This will be a life changing trip, where I will experience the daily life in a third world country, and I know this will help shape my future in volunteering. The trip costs $1300 per person. You can view my other volunteer projects on this blog site, and I will have pictures of the trip on this blog site once we return to the United States. I hope you can contribute and help me, help change the world for the better.

Thank you to everyone who supported my LOVE Takes Root Mission Trip!! Just click the “Donate” button below and donate any amount!

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LTR Golf Outing

On July 27th 2013 Love Takes Root (LTR) had a golf fundraiser at Brooks Golf Course at Okoboji, Iowa. My brother-in-law, Will Smith, my niece, Camie Smith, and my niece’s friend, Franky Perkins, and myself made a golf team. To enter as a team of four we had to raise $500, which we were able to accomplish by asking local companies to sponsor us. At the fundraiser they had 18 teams, and we golfed 18 holes, playing best ball. It was a fun and beautiful day to golf! They raised a large sum of cash which will go to the new orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti. While we didn’t win the golf outing we did enjoy contributing to a great cause! After golfing we were served dinner, and then I spoke to Rick & Barb Wilkerson about traveling to Haiti to help move the children to their new orphanage. I am seriously considering traveling there!

Many Hands For Haiti

Many Hands For Haiti

In Spencer, Iowa a new organization/store is being opened, Many Hands Market. I was introduced to this organization through LOVE Takes Root. Many Hands Market works with Haitians in Pignon, Haiti. The Market is similar to Goodwill, however the money made at the Market actually goes to a good cause, the church organization, new schools, and women shelters in Haiti. The store in Spencer has products donated from many different companies, light used products (clothes, furniture, and toys), and they have items which were made in Haiti (coffee, hot sauce, sandals, napkins, and wall art.) While I was visiting the store, the manager, Christi Gabhart was telling me about the organization, the mission, and hopeful future plans, and exclaimed she needed a map of Haiti somewhere in the store. I took this idea and ran with it. I contacted Remillard Signs, Jason Remillard was able to create a map out of barn quilt wood, he created the islands, and the lettering. I painted Haiti a Haitian green, and the lettering coffee brown. Remillards used vinyl to create the cities, and the sign is hung at the front of the store. This was a unique project for me, but I truly enjoyed the new experience, and it is a centerpiece at the Market.

4-H Tie-Dye T-Shirts

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Continuing my involvement with LOVE Takes Root, my 4-H club decided we wanted to make tie-dye t-shirts for the children in Port au Prince, Haiti. We dyed 60 shirts, on June 3rd 2013, and each shirt is unique, which represents the uniqueness of each child. The shirts were sent down on the June 12th trip, […]

Summer 2013

Hey my blog readers, so I am two weeks away from my first day of my last year of school! Excited…nervous…and may I say about time! Well I had a spectacular summer, I went to Colorado from June 5th-17th, while out there I met a couple of men who work at the Pentagon, and are helping me with my acceptance into the Air Force Academy. During my stay in Colorado I went to the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar (SS) for a week. This experience was absolutely amazing: I slept in the dorms, ate in the mess hall, went to classes, did element challenges, and did early morning physical training. The SS convinced me that I want to attend the Academy even more. Then on June 25th-30th I went back out to Colorado for a hiking/backpacking trip. We hiked 6 miles in at Thunder Pass, stayed in backcountry for 3 nights, while in backcountry we hiked along the Continental Divide, and saw mountain goats, moose, and mule deer. This was my favorite hiking trip I have ever attended! It wasn’t long and I was on a family vacation from July 5th-12th. My family and I rented a house at Lake Okoboji, and we had a relaxing week, water-skiing, wakeboarding, knee-boarding, tubing, paddle boating, and getting a tan. On July 20th I ran in the University of Okoboji Triathlon, while I didn’t come in first I did complete the .6 mile swim, 18 mile bike, and 4.5 mile run, and I was immensely proud of myself.

Throughout the summer I gathered more flying hours with my flight instructor, and I am loving the new Cessna 712! Also my entire family is taking scuba diving lessons, in a week we have our first lake dives…super excited for this new experience!

I will talk about my volunteer project in my upcoming posts…

End of the Year Reflection

Sad to be blogging about this, but this is my last week in Novels class, and I have to say it is probably one of my favorite classes in my high school career. It was a relaxing class to have last period, and be able to do a hobby I enjoy…reading. Starting the class being the only junior and everyone else seniors I was a little nervous, but I am thrilled I took the class. Through this class I have been challenged by reading “The Kite Runner” & “A Thousand Splendid Suns” both by Khaled Hosseini, it opened by eyes to the struggles faced in the Middle East, and it has inspired me to make a difference someday there. I understand currently I can not help with the gender-motivated abuse, honor killings, and acid attacks, because I have no power politically, but someday I will and I will help them, I will give them hope for the future of women’s rights. This class also impacted me with the amazing service projects my classmates and I accomplished. Since having started to help with LOVE Takes Root, I have expanded my ideas to my 4-H club, and I have joined another organization which also helps in Haiti. Being able to read and be inspired is complex, and takes a group of brilliant students to brainstorm and make a difference. Advice to future novel students…This is a great class, in which you will read, comprehend, discover, and explore not only academically, but personally. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help, and simply make an effort to help others and you will be inspired to go far beyond what you thought was capable. Thank you to the senior class for letting me be in your class, and thank you to Mr. Scharn, and Mrs. Olson for allowing me to join in on the experience in Novels!